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Welcome to Sam and Nicole's Baby Registry! 

On this landing page you will find all of the products Sam and Nicole are in need of for 2022's most anticipated arrival, Daisy!

But this is not your typical baby registry - ROSE + REED is taking no profits from the sale of these goods, instead I wanted all of Sam and Nicole's loved ones to be able to get them everything they needed for their new baby girl, so everything from this registry is being sold at the wholesale cost (at least 50% off retail price)! 

If you're looking for specific items, you can use the drop down menu to filter specific product types. If an item states "Out of Stock", that means that someone has already purchased that item(s) for the Good family. 

Order Process

Since we are getting Sam and Nicole all of the products they want at wholesale cost, this isn't your typical shopping experience. Instead, it's more a wholesale Co-op. When retailers buy from wholesalers, we typically have to meet a dollar-amount minimum, we can't just order one or two things at a time. As such, what I've created here is more of a bulk order co-op form. You'll choose your product, shop the website, and pay through the secure payment portal just like you would any other online store, however the product you purchase will not be immediately shipped to you. Instead, after everyone has finished selecting and pre-paying for their gift, one large bulk order will be made to the manufacturers, containing everyone's individual purchase. (Kind of like how grade school fundraisers work). 

We ask that everyone have their order placed by Midnight, _______________ so that we can get all the gifts to Sam and Nicole before the baby arrives. 

Shipping & Delivery

Since all the product will be arriving in bulk, product will not be individually shipped to buyers unless specifically requested. The default "Shipping Method" for orders placed through this registry will be a gift wrapped delivery to Nicole and Sam. If you live in the local area and would like to wrap and/or deliver your present yourself, you can either pick up your product at Niche & Co in Parker, or I can deliver the products to you at no cost. For loved one's out of state, due to the time constraints of wholesale ordering, I will not be able to ship your orders to you in time for you to gift them to the family when the baby arrives. For all orders regardless of delivery method please choose "In-Store Pickup" at checkout. Any other delivery method at checkout will result in a shipping charge and tracking number being generated that can create payment processing issues. 

Within the checkout page, there is a text box that allows you to write a message. If you would like to pick up your gift in store or have it delivered to you, please specify in the text box and I will coordinate to get your gifts to you. If you are using the default method of gift wrapped delivery, you can use the text box to write a personalized message for the Good Family that will be printed on an individual greeting card and included with your present. 

If you have any questions or need help with your order, please do not hesitate to call, text, or email me! My phone number is (402)-540-3109. 

Happy shopping!


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